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Huichol Beaded Art - El Venado! Deer Antlers

Huichol Beaded Art - El Venado! Deer Antlers

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Unearth the essence of Huichol spirituality with our Huichol Deer Antlers. These handcrafted antlers hold a sacred significance, symbolizing the profound connection between the Huichol culture and the natural world. Own a piece of their mysticism.

Kauyumari, the Blue Deer, is the spirit who guides the Wixarika people from Mexico and sacrifices himself to transform into Hikuri, with which the Wixarikas get in contact with their ancestors, receiving their mercy and guidance to be guardians of our planet earth.
The rugged environment has allowed the Wixarikas to preserve their traditional lifestyle for hundreds of years. Their connection to the spiritual world is something inherent to life itself, as it is the way of co-existing in harmony with nature and all of creation.


Crystal, Copper, Leather and Turqois

Shipping & Returns

Estimated delivery dates are based on hand crafted items built on demand by the artist.


Choker 16" designed to fit near the collar bone.

Care Instructions

Wear the crystals near the sacred chakra and be sure to use the proper leather conditioning products.

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