FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Launches Enhanced Platform for Sustainable Investment Insights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Launches Enhanced Platform for Sustainable Investment Insights

Contact: Joe Trevino

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Launches Redesigned and Enhanced Platform for Sustainable Investment Insights

April 1, 2024 New York, NY – Sustainable Research and Analysis, a source of original, independent and thought leadership investment research and analysis, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website. The goal is to inform decision making by featuring original research articles which focus on sustainable investing as well as financial trends and developments. The subscriber based site is geared toward individual investors, asset owners, investment management firms and financial intermediaries. 

“While statistics regarding the size of the market vary, it is unmistakable that institutional and retail investors are expressing an interest in, and preferences for, sustainable investing approaches,” said Henry Shilling, president of Sustainable Research and Analysis.

“The dramatic expansion in the number and type of sustainable funds and assets under management as well as growth in the number of firms has introduced an array of industry concerns and challenges facing  investors, advisors, regulators and other stakeholders.” In response to confusion in this arena, Shilling redesigned his website to provide reliable and unbiased source material that will help investors make sound decisions.  

At a time when there remains widespread confusion and misunderstanding regarding sustainable investing and concerns are being voiced about the durability of this investing approach, it’s increasingly important to have a reliable and unbiased “go to” source for material to inform sustainable investment decision making.

Leading concerns and challenges include the potential conflict, if any, between the exercise of fiduciary responsibility, socially responsible investing and accounting for financially material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in investment decisions, the performance track record of sustainable mutual funds and ETFs, cash flows into and out of sustainable funds, the proper classification of funds that pursue varying sustainable investing strategies, financial and non-financial reporting and disclosure practices, and concerns regarding green washing, to mention just a few.  

These are just some of the issues that the research posted on the website has been covering and will continue to address.  

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