Lydia Trevino

Meet Lydia, a seasoned professional with a distinguished background in accounting, education, and a fervent dedication to Spanish language studies. Spanning over half a century, Lydia's illustrious career has left an indelible mark on the fields of banking, insurance, and education.

 Driven by a passion for nurturing knowledge, Lydia gracefully transitioned from the realm of business accounting to a specialized focus on bilingual education. Across multiple school districts, she has served as an educator, imparting wisdom and making a lasting impact on countless students' lives. Lydia's commitment to excellence was underscored by her membership in the Spanish Honor Society, and she received the prestigious Teacher of the Year award in 1992 from the Alice Independent School District. Lydia

Lydia holds degrees in Education from Texas A & I University, reflecting her unwavering dedication to academic pursuits. Her collaborative work with the esteemed Dr. Stanley Bittinger in the realm of Chicano culture has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying Lydia's reputation as an authority in the field.

Discover the wealth of experience and expertise that Lydia brings to our organization, embodying a legacy of excellence in accounting, education, and the vibrant world of Spanish language studies. Connect with Lydia to explore new horizons and possibilities in our shared journey.